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PPCR is an established social housing consultancy and research business. We are specialists in Public Participation Consultation and Research (that's PPCR for short!). PPCR has a long and successful track record of helping organisations involve local people in decisions that affect their quality of life and make their homes and communities better places to live

PPCR  is part of the  N-Able Group.  The N-Able Group provides a range of high quality architectural and building consultancy services focused on improving the environment we all live and work in

Our company was formed in 1989, with the prime objective of  working with groups to  build sustainable communities through tenant empowerment programmes which has been designed to enable them to  take control over  their own environments by influence the way services are delivered by their social  landlord.

Our recognised expertise is in resident consultation and engagement.

We work with communities, housing organisations and government to help give local people greater control and influence over their homes, neighbourhoods and the quality of services they receive.

We have  committed, energetic and passionate team members who know  about applying meaningful community involvement,  strategies to  improve  services and building sustainable communities.

Our Policies promote engagement , which is process by which an opportunity is presented so that it reaches and appeals to the targeted people, who make a choice whether to take advantage of it. Needs are identified and addresses so that they can participate effectively.'

Honesty, transparency and integrity underpins  our  vision and Values . These core values have defined our success in  brokering dialogue and facilitating constructive and sometimes complicated relationships between residents and their social landlords.


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