Training for Employees and Senior Executives

PPCR is happy to accommodate and be flexible in how you would like the course to be delivered to your organisation. These can be delivered during the working week, at week-ends, in smaller groups, or during the evenings, substantially at the same cost.

The length of time to cover a training topic will vary dependent on the nature of the subject and the details in which participants wish to explore exercises during the course. The majority of topics will take approximately 6 hours.

The training will be fully interactive, with workshops and practical exercises.

PPCR are happy to deliver the training either at our Training Centre located at London Bridge, or at your place of work. PPCR Courses on offer: (for further information click on the course you are interested in)

If you are interested in one of our training courses, would like to discuss how we could help your residents group or would like a quote for a satisfaction survey, please contact Abraham on 07508 108 116 or complete the form below.


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